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FACEBOOK: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

I have always been a little uneasy about Facebook because it seems to know more about me than I’ve intentionally revealed. At first I joined because I wanted to see what my kids and close friends were up to. This … Continue reading

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If you clicked on this link, OMG! You are one of millions who click on enticing titles that include words like OMG! in the headline. This stuff really works. NBC and many other sources wrote this week that Macedonian teenagers have … Continue reading

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All anyone needs is three to five close friends. This surprising (to me) information comes via Kate Murphy’s New York Times piece, Do Your Friends Actually Like You? That title caught my attention because it hadn’t occurred to me that … Continue reading

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On this Fathers Day, I would like to give thanks to my Croatian forefathers, Jule, Franko, Vicko and Mice Mekjavic, who left their birthplace of Brac, Croatia in the early 1900’s and settled in North and South America. In the … Continue reading

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Are You Enthusiastic????? On Facebook and Twitter, being enthusiastic seems to be very important. There’s no such thing as a comment like “That’s funny.” Instead, the responses are more on the order of “That’s funny!!! LOL!!!” Here are some comments … Continue reading

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Ten Dumb Facebook Come-ons

I am a sucker for Facebook links to cute animal videos and I tolerate a good deal of ridicule as a result. What I can barely tolerate, though, are the ridiculous headlines designed to increase numbers of viewers. I am … Continue reading

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Like Me!

Time to “Like” me again. I know, I know—it’s ridiculous, but it matters in the wonderful webbie world. Why? Because search engines keep track of these things, so the more popular a site is on the web, the easier it … Continue reading

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June 28 – Osterville’s Local Author Palooza!

      On Saturday, June 28 from 1-4 pm, I will be joining 25+ local authors under the big tent at the Osterville Village Library. This event is hosted by local indie bookstore, BOOKS BY THE SEA, as part … Continue reading

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“Like” Me

In the wonderful world of webiness, the number of “Likes” on Facebook, Twitter, blogs and advertising pages of all sorts, is what counts—and possibly all that counts. Every vendor page I’ve ever perused begs me to “Like” it on Facebook; some … Continue reading

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