Mac, my canine nephew

My first retirement occurred in about 1994, when I stopped working for a salary and began work as a full-time mom and part-time writer. From then until now I have published a couple of short stories and Kiss Me Over the Garden Gate, a full-length novel about manic depression.  In 2013 I began posting this weekly blog—now there are 400 of them— as a way to publicize the book. For my efforts, I not only sold books but also met a bunch of great people online.  The blog has not only made new friends for me but also kept me in touch with old friends, too.  It has been fun and now I want to move on to the next phase—a kind of second retirement.  I want to return to making masks—something I once took up and truly miss.

Ganesh–my second mask.

BUT THERE’S MORE:  For any of you who now and then want to know what’s on my mind and tell me what’s on yours, email me at  I will respond via email, not on the Word Press blog site.  The site will remain online for now.


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