10 Symptoms of Hypomania

Exuberance or Hypomania?

Exuberance or Hypomania?

“Hypomania?  That’s what we all want!” a consulting physician told me, her eyes twinkling.  It’s the mood state between mania and depression—and for many people, it’s the fun part.

Hypomania’s “pleasant state is characterized by:

1.  Excessive exhilaration

2.  Increased creativity

3.  Racing thoughts

4.  High sex drive

5.  Inflated self-esteem

6.  Increased talkativeness and sociability

However, its not-so-great qualities may include:

7.  Distractibility

8.  Irritability

9.  Reckless (and usually destructive) behaviors such as excessive spending

10.Poor judgment

Most of us experience times—hours or days—when we feel a surge of happiness or creativity; that doesn’t mean that we’re bipolar.  During the long New England winter, a sunny day is enough to make anyone feel hypomanic!  In the midst of a true hypomania, people with bipolar disorder can recognize and control their symptoms and, with the help of a physician, avoid shifting from hypomania to depression or mania.

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