Catman watching snow leopard

CatmanDeux watching his distant relatives hunting.

This isn’t a shameless bid for more subscribers, only a notice that whatever I post about cats gets gazillions more “opens” than any other blog/essay, no matter how well reasoned, thoughtful and incisive. I would love to dish about last week’s astounding amount of breaking (and broken) news but nothing I say can would be nearly as entertaining as the facts themselves. So on to kitties. Last week Bill and I were watching Planet Earth and there was a segment about snow leopards. These lovely creatures were filmed climbing up and down cliff faces so there was a lot of movement that caught the attention of that our feline child-substitute CatmanDeux, who was watching the documentary intently.

When I posted his picture on Facebook I got lots and lots of  comments from friends old and new.  One of my nieces alerted me to videos FOR, not about, cats. Sure enough, there are hundreds of them listed by Google. I played what I believe to be the most enticing for the Catman—squirrels with twitching tails, chirping birds hopping along railings—but he was quickly bored. But put on a rerun of Planet Earth with David Attenborough’s breathy narration of the hunting strategies of the big cats and he is mesmerized, ears up and tail twitching.  Come to think of it, I’m pretty interested myself.  It’s a welcome break from cable news, Stormy Daniels and the president’s bragging about other kinds of “pussies.”



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