(Actually, this isn’t about cats but if I put the word “cats” in the heading, I get many, many more “clicks” and that’s very satisfying.)  Thank you for reading this blog!  

Now, on to weather…On Saturday morning I was checking out the weather in the San Francisco Chronicle before scheduling an hour-long hike and came across a piece of lyrical writing by Michelle Apon and Gerry Diaz, meteorologists with a gift for prose.  Here’s a sample from Saturday’s news:

San Francisco:  “For the first time in several days, mostly cloudy weather will give way to a fair share of sunshine across the city today….This mild, tropical-like air will stem from a distant storm off the coast.  The comfortable weather will be a nice reprieve from the platitudinous dispensations of rainfall over the past couple of weeks.

East Bay: A dry start to the day is on tap for residents along the I-80/I-880 corridors….Winds will gently blow from the south Saturday morning, steadily raising temperatures to the upper 50s to lower 60s by the afternoon while also moistening up the atmosphere. Residents in the hills may catch patches of virga — ghostly clouds with streaks coming out of them — before rain eventually makes it to the ground after 3 p.m.”

Unfortunately, the forecast was a bit off—as forecasts often are—and the 10:30 a.m. hike I took was interrupted by drizzle but, as Apon and Diaz might have written, “Gentle breezes and light showers will reward morning walkers who have not yet styled their hair, adding a bit of much-needed moisture to newly processed blonde tresses.” 

To those of you who are currently in the grip of really, really cold weather:




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