Mekjavich from North and South America together in New England.

Mekjavics from North and South America together in the US.

On this Fathers Day, I would like to give thanks to my Croatian forefathers, Jule, Franko, Vicko and Mice Mekjavic, who left their birthplace of Brac, Croatia in the early 1900’s and settled in North and South America. In the 1970’s I was able to meet my cousins whose fathers had remained in “The Old Country.” In this century, thanks to Facebook, our South American family in Argentina and Chile found us. Last week, Victor Mekjavic Armendariz, my cousin, brought his family to visit our family on the East and West Coasts. I think about my grandfather Jule and his brothers, young men in their twenties who set out across the Atlantic, and marvel at how far we have come, three generations later, to be able to reunite and celebrate being a family. Victor, Liana, Abuelo and Barbie—thank you for making this a memorable Fathers Day.

Two notes:
In response to the blog about Wabi-Sabi, one subscriber suggested that perhaps his wife and I had Wabi-Sabi in mind when we chose our husbands because we “appreciate things that are imperfect, primitive and incomplete.”

Several readers have been unable to reach me through the Comments section. Until alexis@alexisrankinpopik.com is fixed by the wizard who knows how to do these things, I can be reached at alexis.popik@me.com



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