It’s summer–a time to kick back and enjoy the good weather, freedom from routine and the leisure to take new photos and review past ones. I think of most of these as funny photos, but maybe “unusual” or “weird” might be a better description. Some of them are unusual simply because they are from other cultures; others just struck me as I was walking by and had my iPhone at hand.

Photo of Catman stuffed into an airplane carry-on.
This is what it looks like to take a cat on an airplane.
Photo of sign for a dog-washing company.
Is the dog wicked AND clean? Who would want a wicked dog? However…this is Massachusetts, where “wicked” is a good thing, as in “wicked good beer.”
Gilda Downey outside her jazz club.
This is Gilda. She is 94, owns and operates a jazz club and has a song written especially for her by the Southcoast Jazz Orchestra. The band ends each of its club performances with her song, which she accompanies by performing a wicked good pole dance.
Man enjoying a summer night on a Saigon thoroughfare.
This man obligingly posed for me one warm summer night in Saigon. He is actually wearing bermuda shorts, but you’d never know it from this picture.
Sign on a Belizean bus that was anything but "express."
I believe this is what is called an “oxymoron.”
Photo of a sign in a toilet stall in Vietnam.
What is there to say?
CatmanDeux watching a TV  show made especially for cats.
Whiling away a summer day, CatmanDeux style.




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