“Let’s Get Goofy” got such a big response, including notes along the line of “I really needed this” that I am posting a few more crazy-ish pictures from pre-pandemic photo trips around the house and around the world.

My goofy cat is annoyed that I am writing this blog instead of feeding him.


My favorite place from everywhere we’ve been is East Africa (though Costa Rica is a close runner-up). The people are lovely and the animal life “in the Bush” is awe-inspiring (and often dangerous). The knowledgeable local guides make it very clear that safari-goers must stay on the vehicle unless and until she/he says it’s okay.

Sleeping lion
Why safari guides check the bushes before travelers leave the jeep for a “pit stop.”


I know how he feels–and it’s not goofy.*


This goofy bus can be described in many ways, but “Express” isn’t one of them.


Wild animals will always turn their butts toward the camera.

And sometimes don’t you feel like the universe is turning its butt towards us, too?


*The furious Capuchin Monkey is in Costa Rica, not Africa.


Last week’s blog about QingMing and other cemetery customs celebrating and honoring ancestors garnered many responses, among them:

From Stacy Y.: Thank you for telling us about QingMing! What a lovely tradition!

and Connie B.: “Lovely, and that’s a great “look” for Bella–the photo that captures a flower between her eyes, almost!”

Chris B. added: “I’ve been observing this ritual for the past few weeks at my nearby cemetery. Besides the usual fruits and flowers, I saw a Chinese food b ag with at least three containers of someone’s favorite foods.”

And from Joan: “Was Monday moping till I read your blog….QingMing–how lovely!! Keep ’em coming!!”




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