Some days it’s difficult to come up with topics for the Monday blog.  This (Sunday) is one of those days.  When that happens, I turn to the news (the lighter side of the news—no one needs my opinion on the dark stuff).  Today the internet was chock full of madness you may have missed:

Featured in CNN Style:

At a recent exhibition, an unknown art collector accidentally kicked the pedestal holding a piece of Jeff Koons glass sculpture (Balloon Dog) valued  at forty-two thousand dollars, reducing it to shards on the gallery’s floor.

Journalist Heather Radke has just published a book entitled Butts:  A Backstory. Of course, Kim Kardashian is featured, along with a more serious treatment of the role of female butts in history (something never “covered” in my history classes.).

And these weird headlines from Sky News:

US patient develops ‘uncontrollable Irish accent’ after cancer diagnosis.

Woman accused of murder and mutilating corpse in Wisconsin attacks her lawyer in court.


Among other responses to last week’s blog, Shirley V. wrote:  “I love it. I’m sitting here this morning quietly thinking. I love quiet. Especially after our rowdy Super Bowl gathering. I’ve been purging but I love my things (framed pictures and knick knacks that have meaning).  I’m trying but I have a long way to go. [Me too!]




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