A male Quetzal (photo by Bill Popik)

Costa Rica is a country blessed with natural riches. Last month my husband and I spent ten days in Costa Rica with Juan Pons Nature Photogaphy Workshop taking photos of some of the beautiful, unusual wildlife of that wonderful country. In the next couple of weeks I plan to share some of our photos. The photo above, of a Quetzal, may be my favorite. I visited Costa Rica a few decades ago and all I really, really wanted to see was a Quetzal. I spent hours in the cold and damp cloud forest hoping for a glimpse of one of these punk-haired dudes to no avail. On this recent trip, we were lucky to see several. It was a thrill. Costa Rica is the home of 903 bird species as well as numerous weird reptiles. Here are photos of a few them, with more to come next week.

Photo by moi

I this is a green iguana. I was too busy admiring him/her to get the scientific name.

Sloth photo by Bill Popik

And if you are a photographer who tends to rush taking a picture rather than wait for the right shot, this is the critter for you. You can set up a tripod, recheck your camera settings, comb your hair, refresh your lipstick–take all the time you want! Come back an hour later and the sloth will still be there, most likely not having moved an inch. Most often, sloths look like large hairballs near the tops of trees. We were lucky to be able to see this one’s face. They always look slightly amused.

Next time: more about Costa Rica wildlife and a photography lesson.


A note from subscriber Shirley M. V. regarding whether to quit Facebook or stay with it for now:

Hi Alexis, I read the article. It warmed my heart. I have the same philosophy regarding FB. I have relatives who are way over the top with political posts. I love their posts about family. So I scroll past the negative posts and enjoy the pictures and comments that are positive. I also love the page re: the Giants; the Neighborhood Watch page; the community events page and more. I have connected with family and friends on FB. I’m going to stay and enjoy what I like. 



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  1. Donna Ward says:

    This is where I want to go to photograph hummingbirds

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